Kaldas review released in December

We were a bit distracted in December with our wage theft issue, amongst other things, and haven’t yet reported on the release of the Kaldas Review just prior to Xmas.

Here is a link, if you haven’t seen it.

The NSW Government announced immediately that they had adopted the 19 recommendations (on page 7 of the report) but for our purposes, the critical issues are these:

  • IHAPs will be extended to “other regional centres” but this only means Central Coast and Newcastle Councils
  • Encourages transparent, clear decision-making processes (!)
  • Recommends that the Department of Planning “establish an Independent Ethics Unit”
  • Greater transparency within IHAPS, including probity checks of members of Planning Panels
  • Recommends monitoring “the development of the South Australian scheme in relation to accreditation of Planners and review in 12 months’ time the desirability of progressing a similar scheme in New South Wales”. Uh oh, looks like a study tour to me, and
  • dogs it on the issue of certifiers, saying “given there has been significant recent legislative amendments and ongoing work to examine the role of certifiers, I do not propose to make a recommendation in relation to this issue.”
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