Don’t forget our commitment to helping councils provide family friendly work

It’s hard to imagine anyone in local government is unaware of the enhanced commitment to developing and implementing family flexible work which found its way into the State Award in June last year.

Every week or so we have a member with a difficulty returning to work because Council has been less than accommodating to their requests to balance the needs of their family and, especially the new baby, with their return to work.

The old regime of ancient men bombastically rejecting reasonable requests from mothers (in particular) returning to work no longer holds sway. And just as the old regime was overwhelmed by the Enlightenment in European history, we are many, many years post-Enlightenment now. The parties to the Award are committed to building modern workplaces in local government in New South Wales, whether the old blokes like it or not.

Need help? We love doing things like this. Our third dispute this year was all about this.

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