Apology to Andrew Crakanthorp

In the August issue of depaNews we exposed management at Wagga Wagga City Council for their failure to support an employee with secondary cancer looking for additional sick leave. He was our delegate, by coincidence, and the article made those managers named appear heartless, mean-spirited and disinterested in the welfare of their employees in need.

We specifically identified Mr Crakanthorp as being one of those responsible for rejecting a reasonable application, consistent with the sentiment and provisions of the State Award allowing a discretion to provide additional sick leave.

We asserted that Mr Crakanthorp responded to an enquiry whether the Council would be sending flowers to the employee in hospital for their surgery, by saying “aaah, it’s just the bloody precedent”. This may have been read as suggesting Mr C was scared of exercising a discretion, unimaginative and fearful.

Mr Crakanthorp was also identified as a member of the LGPA Board which resolved to oppose the introduction into the 2014 Award of half pay sick leave for the chronically ill or injured. This made him look like he lacked compassion and was disinterested in the welfare of employees outside the boundaries of his own Council as well.

We have been contacted about this article and the accuracy of our reporting.

We apologise unreservedly for spelling Andrew’s name incorrectly.

It’s not Krakanthorp, it’s Crakanthorp.

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