Union Picnic Day golf day cancelled this year

Everyone is distressed. This is very, very sad news for our regulars.

Well, what is it? You don’t like beautiful places, you don’t want to hang out with your workmates, you don’t want good company and a good laugh, you don’t like a challenge, you’ve got better things to do? 
In January we announced that the golf day was on again on union picnic day at Blackheath and immediately heard from the usual enthusiastic players. Even teams from as far away as Bega and Shoalhaven look forward to this day. We received a few more but after that, not much at all.
The lack of interest (and a double booking at Blackheath by an office manager of ours who doesn’t work here anymore and had thought it made sense because we’ve been playing there every second Friday for a decade to book the first Friday) made the Committee resolve, sadly, to cancel the day this year.
We hope that the day will continue on Friday 13 March 2015. It’s in your hands.
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